Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack
Foray 75L Backpack

Foray 75L Backpack

The Foray is a classic backcountry tramping pack.

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The Foray is our take on the classic, single compartment backcountry tramping pack.

Going backcountry often means trips of a week or more, so we’ve sized and designed the Foray to meet the challenge. When tramping in NZ you are bound to meet a good sized mountain (or many), so we’ve covered all bases by including two ice axe or walking pole attachment loops and a crampon patch. 

The eminently simple and reliable Foray will still be comfortable and likely the least of your worries at the end of a big mission. As with all our packs we’ve opted for a fixed length harness and a single main compartment for the Foray – this is intentional as they both reduce complexity and weight, while greatly increasing longevity.

In the case of our fixed length harness, thousands of happy converts from our competitors adjustable systems should be all the proof you need. In the main body of the Foray the Ultra 12oz C-Canvas is inherently water resistant without relying on an easily damaged, laminated inner coating. Up through the storm throat we’ve continued this integrity by using a lighter C-210n6 polyester Oxford. We also take advantage of nylon’s higher abrasion resistance by reinforcing pack wear points with C-1000n6.

  • Generous 75L internal volume to fit everything bar the kitchen sink
  • Fixed length harness to maximise strength for long term use under heavy loads
  • Constructed from Ultra 12oz C-Canvas, C-1000D & C-210n6 fabrics for superior long term durability and water resistance
  • Big lids are good – ones that double as a pillow or portable secure storage unit are even better
  • Single compartments are lighter, increase water resistance and stronger
  • Three dimensional shaped framesheet enables a customisable fit to your back, keeping the load close for maximum comfort under load
  • Large compression panel improves weight distribution and allows pack size to be reduced when carrying less gear
  • Twin ice axe/walking pole and crampon holders
  • Includes No Worries 5yr Pack Guarantee
  • Covered by Cactus-Tough Lifetime Warranty
  • Volume: 75 litres
  • Weight: 2995 grams (without lid 2690 grams)
  • Fabrics: Ultra 12oz C-Canvas, C-1000n6, C-210n6, C-Aircell, NZ Origin Foams
  • Our pack fabrics have various waterproofing coatings and treatments. To make these last as long as possible we recommend that you don’t wash your pack in a machine
  • Brush dirt from the product while still dry
  • Hand wash in cold or warm water using mild detergent or pure soap - preferably one that's nice to the earth
  • Close zips while washing (they'll last longer), you can also silicone spray or lightly wax zips periodically to increase their lifespan
  • Drip dry without creases
  • If you hole your pack with an ice axe, dry your eyes and bring it back to us and and we'll patch it (for a small fee)
  • If you are still not sure, give us a call or flick us an email
Size 2 3 4
CM 30-37 35-42 40-47
Inches  12-14.5 14-16.5 15.5-18.5

Backlength range - measure from the top of the shoulder where you would wear the shoulder strap to the top of your hip bone.

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