Left Grippin Aluminium Buckle - 25mm

Left Grippin Aluminium Buckle - 25mm

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Our grippin buckles are little wonders and are working their way into numerous applications throughout our product range.

Easy and quick to use, they allow us to eliminate those potentially breakable plastic buckles. Your pack will have a longer service life and we feel a bit better about using raw materials! We've decided to put them on our website as an accessory - primarily because if you do break a plastic 25mm buckle, often you can replace it with a Grippin on the male side and cut the female buckle off, leaving the webbing loop to be the receiving part for the hook.  If you do it's a good idea to put a double fold in the end of the webbing the buckle slides on - otherwise it can potentially come off...

We call a Grippin buckle righthand if you were wearing it is one that you would hold on to with your right hand when hooking it into the webbing of a belt. A lefthand one would be used with your left hand. The other way to think about it is that the S in Cactus starts is over the hook in a righthand buckle. 

Weight : 10 grams